Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality vs Mixed Reality

The world of technology allows us to create an escape path from the mundane reality we find ourselves in every single day. Concepts such as virtual and augmented reality are slowly gaining mainstream traction, although they remain niche markets. Mixed reality is a similar trend getting  a lot of attention as of late. It is […]

I tested Google cardboard VR: Good, but…

Launched in 2014, Google Cardboard is a newcomer after heavy duty VR sets like Oculus Rift, Samsung VR, Microsoft Hololens and others. For its introduction to the Virtual Reality arena, Google choose a flexible and affordable solution. Since, Google released a more refined version called “Tech C1-Glass” and partnered with Mattel, Homido, landberg, Dodocase, Powis […]

Mixed reality emerges as new growth area for Orlando firm

An Orlando tech company that builds virtual reality-based training systems has made a push into a fast-growing field that combines the technology with augmented reality. Known as “mixed reality,” it allows two people wearing headsets in different real-world locations to work “alongside” one another in the same virtual world, seeing the same images and in […]