Augmented Reality (AR) is a term used to describe the process of amplifying or improving the visual element of the real world that people see with their own eyes, with the help of imagery created with a computer/software. To put it simply, this is a special technology that integrates digital information with the environment in which the user is found in real time.

The history of modern augmented reality started in 1968 when Ivan Sutherland designed and created the world’s first head-mounted display device. (1) Today, thanks to the rapid advance of technology, augmented reality is no longer a theory. Augmented reality is already used in gaming, medicine, military, maintenance and even in advertising. In this article, we will focus on augmented reality ads by highlighting a few examples of effective AR ads.

1. WWF and Mandiri

This is an example of augmented reality ad that comes in the form of a game. Mandiri is the largest bank in Indonesia while the World Wildlife Fund is one of the largest NGOs focused on wilderness preservation. Their AR ad campaign lets Mandiri e-cash users direct their smartphone to an ATM card issued by Mandiri in order to view a virtual rhino. After that, users can feed, heal and have fun with the rhino. The objective is to raise the awareness of the unfavorable situation in which Javan rhinos are put in the last decade…


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